Shrimp, Veggi Plates, Sweet Stuff, Combinations

Shrimp From The Sea

Camaron Supremo   $16.49
A tantalizing dish of shrimp and onions simmered in a creamy white mushroom sauce. Served with guacamole salad, rice, beans and three flour tortillas.    
Camarones Especiales   $13.99
Grilled succulent shrimp and onions simmered in our special sauce, served with shredded lettuce, tomatoes, avocado and three flour tortillas.    
Camarones A La Diabla   $14.99
Our spicy sauce gives these twenty shrimp their special flavor. With rice, beans and three flour tortillas.    
Quesadilla Del Mar   $12.69
Quesadillas with shrimp, lettuce, sour cream, guacamole, rice and beans.    
Camaron Al Mojo De Ajo   $15.49
Shrimp grilled to perfection with onions and a touch of garlic. Served with rice, beans, avocado, tomatoes and three flour tortillas.    
Camaron Chipotle   $15.49
Shrimp & onions marinated in chipotle sauce. Served with rice or beans, avocado salad and tortillas.    
Coctel De Camaron   $13.99
Almost too pretty to eat! chilled shrimp swimming in a super 22 oz. glass of our special cocktail sauce accented with avocado and pico de gallo    
Grilled Shrimp   $15.49
A bountiful plateful of twenty grilled shrimp topped with cheese and served with rice    
Burrito Marino   $13.49
Burrito filled with shrimp, grilled onions, peppers and tomatoes. Offered with a crisp taco shell, stuffed with lettuce, guacamole and pico de gallo.     
Shrimp Delight   $12.99
Tasty deep fried shrimp served with lettuce, rice and pico de gallo.    
Filete de Pescado   $14.99
Great from the sea! Grilled tilapia filet served with lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, corn, avocado, onions, rice and three tortillas.     
Order of grilled shrimp   $7.99

Veggie Plates

Armando’s Quesadilla   $11.99
Our low fat plate consists of a 6″ cheese quesadilla filled with mushrooms, served with a good portion of rice, lettuce, tomatoes and sour cream.    
One Chalupa One cheese enchilada and refried beans   $10.49
Two Bean Burritos with nacho cheese sauce and side order rice   $10.49
One Bean Burrito One cheese enchilada, one bean tostada and nacho cheese   $10.49
One Bean Burrito one quesadilla and one chalupa   $10.49
Cheese Enchilada And Bean Quesadilla rice and beans   $10.49
Vegetarian Fajitas good portion of tomatoes, bell peppers, onions, broccoli, carrots, mushrooms, cauliflower, rice, beans and tortillas   $13.99

Sweet Stuff

Taco Choco   $3.50
a delightful treat to end your meal! a crisp tortilla filled with ice cream and whipped cream    
Deep Fried Ice Cream   $3.99
delicious rich vanilla ice cream rolled in crispy flakes and deep fried. served with chocolate syrup, sugared cinnamon, tortilla shell and topped with whipped cream    
Sopapillas   $3.99
a classic dessert of fried flour tortillas drizzles with honey and butter, sprinkled with cinnamon. With Ice Cream $4.99    
Flan   $3.99
traditional mexico city style cream caramel, baked fresh daily    
Churros   $4.99
These sweet fried dough pastries are sometimes called “Mexican Doughnuts”. We serve them warm, sprinkled with powdered sugar.     
Xango   $3.99
Creamy cheesecake wrapped in a pastry tortilla, fried until flaky and golden and dusted with cinnamon & sugar. Ask your server for the flavor of the day.     


Create Your Own Combo 
Served with rice and beans.

Cancun Combo   $9.69
Pick two: Enchilada, Taquito, Taco, Tamal or Chalupa    
Guanajuato Combo   $10.99
Pick two: Chile Relleno, Chalupa, Tostada, Tamal, Burrito Chimichanga, or Chile con Queso